Exchange-A-Blade®   Item#: 3110232
7" Continuous Tile Wet Cut Black Industrial Diamond Blade - Exchangeable

MSRP: $39.99 USD   Exchange Credit: $10.00


MSRP: $39.99000   Exchange Credit: $10.00000


  • Continuous rim exchangeable saw blades provide smooth cuts on floor and wall tile, marble, slate, granite tops etc - note a special blade should be used for hard porcelain
  • The exchangeable saw blades in this category can be used for wet or dry cutting however wet cutting is recommended and will extend the life of the blade
  • Industrial quality, Exchangeable Diamond Blades
  • Specially formulated bonds, with higher concentrations of quality diamonds, provide longer life and superior cutting performance
  • An exchangeable product and member of the green exchange system - find out how to exchange


Tool: Circular Saw
Diameter: 7"
Material Usage: Tile, Ceramic, Slate, Terasso, Marble
Description: Continuous Tile Wet Cut
Arbor: 5/8" DKO
Category: Black
RPM: 8,450
Item #: 3110232
UPC: 059511006223
EXCHANGE UPC: 059511909272

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