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For light and medium-duty use by DIYers

For heavy-duty use by professionals and contractors

For extreme heavy-duty use by industrial and professional users

Exchangeable for a credit towards your next purchase—find out How To Exchange

All EAB products are recyclable

Exchange-A-Blade and save

EAB’s exchange program is a better way to get top-notch quality power tool accessories, save you money, and outperform the competition. It’s as easy as 1 2 3—buy it, use it until it’s time to replace it, return it to your dealer, and get up to a 40% credit on your next purchase.

  • Precision engineered for durability
  • Unbeatable value
  • A green solution
  • Exchangeable

Find the Exchange-A-Blade accessory for your job

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Exchange-A-Blade and reduce your impact on the environment

For over 40 years EAB has been actively collecting used power tool accessories as part of its blade exchange system and done its part in helping protect the environment. Used EAB blades and other power tool accessories are returned to our British Columbia plant and remanufactured to rigorous standards. If a returned product does not make the cut, we recycle it. Together we save 60 tons of power tool accessories from the landfill every year! 

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This is EAB Exchange-A-Blade

Save money on power tool accessories - How the exchange program works

EAB Manufacturing

Look for the EAB exchangeable symbol

A green exchange system designed to save you dollars

1 Buy

Select the perfect power tool accessory for your job

2 Exchange

When it’s dull and time to replace, return it to your retail store

3 Save

Apply your exchange credit towards a new one
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