CERMET tooth blades: redefining metal cutting

The power of cermet tooth technology

In the realm of metalworking, where the relentless pursuit of perfection and cutting-edge efficiency has given rise to a revolution in cutting tools—enter stage—the mighty CERMET tooth saw blades, poised to slice through the most formidable of metals! Buckle up as we delve deep into the enigmatic composition of CERMET, unravel the secrets of its superiority, and unveil its magnificent applications in the dynamic universe of metal cutting. Get ready for an exciting journey!

What are CERMET teeth made of? 

CERMET is a composite material that derives its name from the fusion of "ceramic" and "metal." This material combines ceramic carbides, such as titanium carbide (TiC) or tantalum carbide (TaC), with a metal binder, often nickel (Ni) or cobalt (Co). The synthesis involves a sintering process, where the components are heated to high temperatures, creating a fusion of ceramic and metal properties. The result is a hard and durable material that's ideal for precision cutting.

What makes CERMET better?

CERMET tooth saw blades are prized for their exceptional performance, largely due to their unique combination of characteristics.

  • Hardness: CERMET is incredibly hard, capable of withstanding extreme wear and abrasion. This property makes it well-suited for cutting through even the toughest metals.
  • Toughness: While ceramics are generally brittle, the inclusion of a metal binder in CERMET ensures toughness and resistance to fracturing. This allows CERMET saw blades to handle challenging materials without breaking.
  • Heat Resistance: CERMET boasts high resistance to thermal deformation, ensuring that the cutting edge remains intact even under elevated temperatures. This is a crucial advantage in high-speed metal cutting applications.
  • Corrosion Resistance: CERMET is highly resistant to corrosion, providing longevity even in corrosive environments.
  • High-Speed Cutting: CERMETsaw blades are engineered for high-speed metal cutting operations, ensuring precision, efficiency, and reduced production times.
  • Wear Resistance: CERMET excels in resisting wear and abrasion, extending the lifespan of the cutting tool and reducing the need for frequent replacement.

Best applications for CERMET tooth metal cutting saw blades 

CERMET tooth saw blades find their niche in several key applications within the metalworking industry.

  • Stainless Steel and Exotic Alloys:    These blades are particularly effective in cutting stainless steel, as well as exotic alloys often used in aerospace, automotive, and other specialized industries.
  • Metal Fabrication: In metal fabrication shops, CERMET tooth saw blades are invaluable for their ability to cut through a wide range of metals with precision and consistency.
  • Structural Steel: The durability and heat resistance of CERMET make it a top choice for cutting structural steel beams and profiles.
  • Tube and Pipe Cutting: CERMET blades are ideal for cleanly and accurately cutting metal tubes and pipes, meeting the high-quality standards demanded in construction and manufacturing.
  • Tool and Die Manufacturing: CERMET’S wear resistance makes it well-suited for shaping and cutting metals in the production of tools and dies, ensuring a longer lifespan for these essential components.

Cermet tooth metal cutting blades are game changers for the modern metalworker

In the heart-pounding arena of metalworking, CERMET tooth metal cutting saw blades stand as the ultimate game-changer. This remarkable innovation masterfully fuses the extraordinary strengths of ceramics and metals into a symphony of unbeatable qualities—unparalleled hardness, unwavering toughness, unmatched heat resistance, and indomitable wear resistance. From the blistering speeds of high-velocity cuts to the unforgiving trials of slicing through stainless steel and exotic alloys, CERMET tooth saw blades have etched their name as the irreplaceable companions of the contemporary metalworking virtuosos. They're not just tools; they're the blazing stars of the metal-cutting world!

About Exchange-A-Blade CERMET metal cutting saw blades

Exchange-A-Blade CERMET metal cutting blades are market leaders in quality and value. They can be used for a wide range of applications including construction and renovation and are available in sizes from 5 3/8” & 8” up to 12” diameters. All sizes are Industrial quality for the extreme duty needs of the high-volume contractor. 

Saw Blades Metal Cutting Cermet 10"

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