Router Bit Tech

Excellent value and selection for everyone

The Exchange-A-Blade router bit program is one of the most unique accessory programs on the market today. We provide you with access to over 45 different bits at substantial savings. This program eliminates two of the biggest frustrations for router owners. For the casual user, it enables you to always have the right bit for the job, without investing in dozens of expensive bits. And if you are a heavy user, you can always be assured of having exact profiles and a razor sharp bit with no nicks.

Professional router bits of exceptional quality and performance

All of our router bits are diamond ground and have the finest tungsten carbide cutters for long life. Our refined assortment provides all the best sellers in 1/4" and 1/2" profiles. And our new ‘show & store’ packaging makes it easy to find the right bit and provides the ultimate protection.

Part of the green exchangeable system

Router bits can be exchanged for any other Exchange-A-Blade router bit of equal or greater value. This applies to both 1/4” and 1/2” shanks bits.

Router bit speed guide (RPMs)

Router Bit Diameter   Wood Plastics
Imperial Metric    
Up to 1” Up to 25mm 24,000 18,000
1” - 2” 26mm - 50mm 18,000 14,000
2” - 2 1⁄2” 51mm - 63mm 16,000 12,000
2 1⁄2” - 3” 64mm - 75mm 14,000 11,000
3” - 3 1⁄2” 76mm - 87mm 12,000 10,000

How to read our size charts

Compare the letters on the router to the following attributes to determine the right size for you.

A Diameter
B Depth
C Shank
D Length
R Radius

For more information about router bit cuts and symbols, visit our glossary.

Start your search now for the right router bit for your job.