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For heavy-duty use by professionals and contractors

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Choose from a selection of over 40 quality router bits

Choose from a variety of router bits at the right price to make professional trims, grooves, and decorative edges. Quick router bit comparison guide.

STRAIGHT BITSIdeal for smooth, clean, and general purpose routing, grooving, and rabbeting

  • These bits give a smooth, planed finish
  • Use straight bits for smooth bottom and side cuts
  • C3 micro-grain carbide 
  • Also includes panel pilot, rabbeting, keyhole, and slot cutters
TRIM BITSFor smooth, fast, and accurate flush and bevel trimming of laminates and veneers

  • Fully enclosed bearings for fast, accurate edge trimming
  • C3 micro-grain carbide 
  • Essential for edge trimming laminates and veneers
DECORATIVE BITS Use these double fluted bits for decorative, classic profiles on furniture, cabinetry, moldings, trim, and general edging

  • The essential bits for fine finishing
  • These bits provide an upward shear angle for smooth more efficient cutting
  • Fully enclosed bearings
  • C3 micro grain carbide 
  • Anti-kickback for added control and safety

Quick router bit comparison guide


Straight Bits

Trim Bits

Decorative Bits

Materials this router will cut [title]


Wood, Plywood, Particle Board, Laminate, and Lumber

Style of cut [title]


Straight, Dovetail, Hinge Mortise, Keyhole, Panel Pilot, Rabbeting, and Slot Cutter


Bevel, Chamfer and Flush



Beading, Core Box, Corner Round, Cove, Double Roman Ogee, Roman Ogee, Tripe Bead, and Vee Groove


Quality [title]

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