Power Tool Accessory Glossary

Glossary of Commonly Used Power Tool Terms and Symbols

Here is a quick reference for terms and symbols that might need an explanation.


Anti-kick or AKB Anti-kickback—safety device on power tool accessories to stop tool from grabbing and kicking back work piece
ATB Alternating Top Bevel – refers to tooth profile on saw blades
ATBR Alternating Top Bevel with Raker Tooth– refers to tooth profile on saw blades
C1, C2, C3, C4, C6 Carbide tooth hardness grade – higher number = harder carbide which will stay sharp longer but is more brittle
DKO Diamond knock-out—type of saw blade arbor
DIY DIY Do-it-yourself
HCS High carbon steel—softer steel suited to wood cutting applications only
Hook Angle Refers to tooth angle. High angle = aggressive fast cut, low or negative angle = slower, less aggressive cut
RPM Revolutions per minute
PCD Poly-crystalline diamond
Segmented, Turbo, Continuous Refers to diamond blade cutting configurations
SDS Slotted drive system or slotted drive shaft—refers to the type of system used to secure tools in rotary hammer drills
Shank The shaft or stem of a power tool accessory which attaches to the tool
TCG Triple chip grind—refers to type of tooth profile on saw blades
Tooth Grade Tooth hardness—see C1, C2, C3, C4, C6 above
U Shank Universal shank—refers to most common type of jigsaw blade designed to fit most jig saws
T Shank Tee shank—type of jig saw shank designed to fit Bosch tools


General Quality

Designed for light and medium-duty work including do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. EAB general quality blades are made with C2 grade tungsten carbide teeth and are great value

Professional Quality

Power tool accessories for the heavy-duty needs of the professional contractor or demanding home user. Blades feature high grade tungsten carbide teeth and precision grinding—top, sides and face. Hardened steel plates and thinner kerfs (cut width), produce finer results, and less wear on equipment

Industrial Quality

Our best quality power tool accessories designed for the extreme-duty needs of the high volume contractor or commercial woodworker. Precision blades manufactured from the finest hardened steel with fully ground C4 and C6 tungsten carbide teeth—guarantee ultimate results, extra-long blade life and minimum wear on equipment

You can rest assured that your EAB power tool accessory has been rigorously tested in our North American lab for quality, strength, and durability

The $ value refers to the credit that will be applied to your next EAB purchase, when you return your used power tool accessory. Learn more about how to exchange

This symbol is a reminder that most every EAB product is recyclable

Signifies all steel blade with no carbide tips


A quick guide to selecting the right blade for you and your job

Green Blades

Our green blades are the value choice for many jobs, and an ideal introduction to the green exchange system. Available for framing and finishing work, they’re also eco-friendly—made without the use of chromium and with a small percentage of recycled carbide. 

Decking & Framing

Our general (GEN) decking and professional (PRO) framing blades are engineered for ripping and crosscutting dimensional lumber and composite materials. These blades feature tough ATB (alternating top bevel) carbide tooth configurations that sever wood fibers cleanly and quickly. 


One of the toughest and safest blades available, providing long lasting, accurate performance under heavy-duty, high heat conditions. The imbedded sock tooth design reduces the possibility of tooth loss, and the anti-kickback shoulder eliminates grabbing. A super fine cutting edge offers fast, smooth cutting without waste or wear on equipment. 

All Purpose (Planer Combination)

A blade designed for both fast ripping and semi- smooth crosscutting of a wide variety of wood materials—made possible by the ATBR (alternating top bevel with raker) tooth configuration. A must-have blade for the general contractor and do-it-yourselfer (DIYer). 


Our general (GEN) chop saw blade is a value priced blade ideal for quick miter work on the job site or around the house. For finer finishing work, choose our professional (PRO) or industrial (IND) blades. They’re specially designed for extra smooth cuts when using miter and radial arm saws, and use high grade C3 and C4 carbide. 

Finishing (Shelving & Cabinetry)

Our general (GEN) shelving and professional (PRO) cabinetry blades are designed for cutting softwoods and hardwoods used in general carpentry, where a smooth finish is required. PRO cabinetry blades are recommended for fine, splinter-free cutting of molding, paneling, veneers and expensive hardwoods. 

Ultra Thin

The extra narrow kerf (cut width) provides a faster, smoother cut and minimum waste. They’re ideal for cutting pressboard, veneers, paneling and fine hardwoods, as well as for use on cordless or low-powered saws. 


An extra fine finishing blade featuring TCG (triple chip grind) tooth configuration and C3 or C4 carbide tips. Their precision design provides splinter-free cutting of melamine, laminates and hard plastics. 

Fiber Cement

Designed to easily cut through Hardie-Plank®, Cemplank® and other fiber cement products, with minimal dust. Our IND blades feature poly-crystalline diamond (PCD) carbide teeth that last significantly longer.


Specifically designed for miter saws, these blades feature C6 carbide teeth, TCG (triple chip grind) tooth configuration, and -5° hook angles for fast, smooth and safe cutting of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper and brass. 


These heavy and extreme-duty blades are designed to safely cut mild steel roofing, metal siding and steel studs (≤ .062 gauge). They feature hardened plates, thin kerfs, strong chip limiting shoulders, and 0° hook angles—to reduce jamming, overfeeding and overheating. 


Our Razor Tooth blades are the ultimate finishing blades, available in professional (PRO) (C3) and industrial (IND) (C4) carbide grades. Choose these blades for ultra-smooth, mirror finishes when cutting fine woods, veneers and laminate flooring. 


Laser Line blades are precision manufactured with C4 carbide tips, laser cut plates and anti-noise/vibration vents. They’re available in 10" size for all purpose, melamine, miter-wood, and miter-aluminum cutting. 

For more information about selecting the right blade.



The following icons are used to indicate blade materials and teeth configuration.

  C2 C3 C4 C6 PCD

15 Degrees


-5 Degree Hook




High ATB
35 Degrees


Angled Face




0 Degree Hook


-5 Degree Hook






MDF Particle Board

Fiber Cement (HardiePlank® and Cemplank)

Vinyl Siding and PVC

Lumber < 2"

MDF, Particle Board, Melamine, and Plastics

Laminates, Melamine, and Plastics

Hardwood, Paneling, and Veneers

Laminated counter top

Lumber > 2"

Fiberglass and Plastics

Granite, Terazzo, and Marble


Porcelain Tile

Ceramic Tile

Masonry and Concrete


Non-ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals

Non-ferrous Metals and PVC

Sheet Metal and Light Gauge Steel

Masonry and Brick

Stainless steel

Steel Studs and Light Gauge Steel


The following icons are used to denote tools and power tools.

Angle Grinder


Chop Saw

Cordless Skill Saw

Corded Skill Saw

High Impact Drill

Miter Saw

Radial Arm Saw

Table Saw

Worm Drive Circular Saw


The following icons are used to denote wood cuts.

Designed to rip (cut with the grain) wood products

Designed to cross cut (cut across the grain) wood products

Designed to rip (cut with the grain) or cross cut (cut across the grain) wood products


The following icons are used to denote jig saw cuts.

Straight rough cuts

Curved clean cuts

Straight clean cuts


The following icons are used to denote router bit cuts.


Bevel Trim(22 Degrees)

Champfer(45 Degrees)

Core Box

Corner Round


Double Roman Ogee


Flush Trim (Regular, Long, Short)

Hinge Mortise


Panel Pilot

Roman Ogee


Slot Cutter and Rabbeting

Top Bearing Flush Trim Bit

Triple Bead

V Groove


The following icons are used to caution users to stay safe.

Important information. Read carefully

Wear hearing protection

Read owner’s manual. Follow directions in owner’s manual

Wear dust mask

Unplug tool before changing accessories

Wear hand protection

Wear eye protection