All about nutsetters—hex, lobular, torsion, impact, and spring loaded

What is a nutsetter?

A nutsetter is a power tool accessory designed to fasten metal and self-tapping screws. There are four types of nutsetters:

  • Hex nutsetters (sometimes referred to as standard nutsetters) drive fasteners using the corners to drive. Too much pressure on the corners however, can result in corner stripping
  • Lobular nutsetters drive fasteners on the sides without putting pressure on the corners when turning. This reduces fastener corner stripping and damage. Additionally, the lobular nutsetter provides corner clearance where paint can build up
  • Impact and torsion nutsetters are designed to withstand the extreme torque delivered by modern cordless drills and impact drivers  

What are spring loaded nutsetters?

Spring loaded nutsetters, newly patented EAB products, are lobular nutsetters that have been designed to combat common problems experienced with standard nutsetters. The new EAB spring loaded nutsetters have magnetic holders that flex back and forth so they can easily accommodate a variety of screws/fasteners with different heights of head. Regardless of the height of the screw/fastener you are using, the magnet inside the nutsetter will flex back or forward to accommodate it.

Tips for using the new spring loaded nutsetters

  • Be careful not to overtighten your screw/fastener—doing so can strip the threads of the material you are screwing into, or the head of the screw/fastener itself
  • Preferably use a variable speed drill with a variable clutch, this will give you more control over your fastening operation. If using an impact driver, be particularly careful not to over-tighten

How to fasten a nut to a long threaded bolt

If you’ve tried using a nutsetter to tighten a nut on a long threaded bolt (e.g., a carriage bolt), you’ll have discovered that the nutsetter is not deep enough to allow you to screw the nut all the way. To achieve perfect results, use an EAB socket adapter and a standard socket. This will allow you to completely tighten the nut because of the greater depth.

About Exchange-A-Blade patented spring loaded nutsetters

EAB nutsetters are market leaders in quality and value. EAB offers three sizes of its patented Stay Sharp spring loaded nutsetters, as well as a wide assortment of standard and lobular nutsetters, including hex/standard, lobular, coloured, impact, and torsion.