Why use a torsion bit?

Torsion screwdriver bits drive more screws and last longer

Torsion bits are designed to stand up to the rigors of heavy duty impact driving. In extremely tough driving conditions, torsion bits will flex rather than break. 

Types of screwdriver bits

There are three types of screwdriver bits:


Item #93007


Item #98007


Item #76007

These bits usually come in different screw configurations: slot, phillips, hex, torx, square recess.

How do you know when to use a torsion bit?

Although generally slightly more expensive than standard and impact screwdriver bits, a torsion bit is ideal for every job, whether you are fastening by hand, standard low torque drill, or high torque impact driver. It performs best and will last longer, especially when used with a high torque impact driver.

The following table compares the durability of standard, impact, and torsion screwdriver bits. 

  Bit Type By Hand Standard Low Torque  Drill High Torque Impact Driver Comments
1 Standard screwdriver bit Y Y N Will break
2 Impact screwdriver bit Y Y Y Offers a shorter life
3 Torsion screwdriver bit Y Y Y Offers the longest life

The evolution of the torsion screwdriver bit


For several decades the regular screwdriver bit has gone through a slow but steady transition. As the industry has progressed from hand driving screws to low powered drills, to high powered drills, and finally to new modern impact drivers, the standard screwdriver bit is often not up to the task—under the pressure of powerful drills, standard screwdriver bits often break and strip.


A great deal of research has gone into improving screwdriver bits by improving the quality of the steel and hardening the tip and body of the bit. While these improvements allowed bits, usually referred to as impact screwdriver bits, to withstand the rigors of the modern impact drivers, perform better and last much longer, they are still susceptible to breakage—the hardening process makes them stronger but more brittle. 


The solution is a torsion bit—a bit with a hard, durable tip that won’t wear out and with a center body section that flexes very slightly so it can withstand the sudden surges of torque produced when using modern impact drivers. The torsion bit can withstand sudden high torque jolts without snapping. An impact screwdriver bit can be compared to an oak tree, it’s very strong and able to withstand tremendous constant pressure but can snap with a strong gust of wind. On the other hand, the torsion bit can be compared to a willow tree, it’s flexible, will bend with the wind, and will return to its original shape.

About Exchange-A-Blade screwdriver bits

Years of research and development have made Exchange-A-Blade a market leader in fastening products. Our Professional and Industrial lines of screwdriver bits offer reliability and value to meet the needs of the DIYer and the professional user. Our torsion bits are just the latest development in our commitment to consistently delivering outstanding products and great value to our customers.