How many teeth do I need on my saw blade?

Selecting the right blade for the job

So you’re getting ready to use a saw blade to cut a substrate. You know the diameter of the blade that will fit your saw, and you know the type of blade you need to cut your material, but how do you know how many teeth your blade needs to have?

To select a blade with the right number of teeth, first identify the thickness of the material you’re cutting. As a general rule of thumb you want to have:

No less than two teeth and no more than four teeth in the material that you are cutting

How to test that your saw blade has the right number of teeth before you cut

Take your saw blade and your material. Place your saw blade flat against the thickness of your material and count how many teeth touch the material (i.e. will be in the material) when you are cutting it. For example, if you are planning to cut a piece of ½” melamine using the EAB 10” x 80 Teeth Carbide RazorTooth Industrial Saw Blade (#1019492) you will have just over two teeth in the melamine, which would be perfect.

To test for the number of saw blade teeth you need, hold your blade flat against the material you are cutting and count how many teeth will be in the material while you cut

Why does having the right number of teeth on your saw blade matter?

Number of teeth touching the material Expected outcome
Less than 2 teeth A really rough cut that may rip and tear your material
2 to 4 teeth A nice smooth cut
More than 4 teeth A very slow cut that may cause burn marks on the material being cut


Tips for selecting the right number of teeth on your saw blade

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