Introduction to unique Starlock & trade; oscillating tool accessories (OTAs)

Exclusive OTAs for Starlock oscillating tools

If you own a Starlock oscillating tool, you’ll want to know about this extensive new Swiss-made line of 14 unique Starlock oscillating tool accessories. Designed for flush and plunge cutting, scraping, grinding, and sanding these accessories are compatible with most oscillating tools—Bosch®, OIS, Skil, Fein® FMM250 & 250Q, Ridgid®, Milwaukee®, Craftsman, Einhell, Westfalia, and more. 

Change blades in seconds—hands free—when used with the Bosch® Starlock system

One huge asset of this new attachment system is that it has both a hands free attachment and release—it snaps on with a very tight fit and with no vibration or movement, and when you’ve finished using the product, rather than having to touch the hot blade, you may simply drop it out of the tool. Additionally, the 3D tight lock interface system allows for a full transfer of power from the machine to the oscillating tool accessory. 


Why you’ll love the new Starlock OTAs

  • Tight-lock interface system that lets you set the blade at any angle for easy access and the quick release allows you to change blades in seconds 
  • Selection of 14 blade types to cut wood, metal, drywall, and abrasive fiber cement products (unique long-lasting, carbide tipped flush cut blade)
  • Blades designed for flush cutting, plunge cutting, scraping, sanding, and grinding
  • Outperforms other leading brands—EAB Starlock 1-1/4" bimetal wood/metal blade will cut through 15 x 3" common nails, and the EAB Starlock ¾” carbide tipped blade will cut  through 95 x 3” common nails and fiber cement products with ease
  • Affordable Swiss made industrial (IND) quality
  • Exchangeable—part of EAB’s buy it, exchange it, and save green exchange program
  • Color coded tools and packaging for easy identification

Exchangeable to save you money and save the planet

Like all EAB Exchange-A-Blade green exchange products, the Starlock OTAs are fully exchangeable—you buy it, you use it, and when you bring it back to the store where you bought it, you’ll get a credit towards the purchase of your next EAB oscillating tool accessory.

About Exchange-A-Blade Starlock oscillating tool accessories (OTAs)

Exchange-A-Blades’ Starlock oscillating tool accessories are market leaders in quality and value. They can be used for flush and plunge cutting, scraping, grinding, and sanding and to cut wood, metal, and abrasive fiber cement products, such as HardiPlank. They are IND (industrial) quality and meet the extreme-duty needs of the commercial contractor.